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4 Branding Trends for 2016

It’s the start of the New Year and brands big and small are looking forward to the future and thinking about how to build their brand to reach its full potential.

Today’s consumers expect more and more from brands including being able to interact with them, demand new products and services, and engage in an active dialogue with brands.

On the whole brands are ditching the corporate façade, restrictive elitism and delving further into understanding their customer base in much greater and nuanced details than before. Brands are becoming more human.

So whether you’re a start-up or an established brand, take note of the branding trends that will dominate 2016:

1. More personalisation

We’ve already seen the success of big brands such as Coca Cola using personalisation to boost sales and brand engagement with their personalised bottles. Now more brands are set to take on personalisation and apply it effectively.

To personalise well, brands need to know their customer in greater detail and tailor everything in their marketing strategy to them. I recently received an email from Virgin Trains two days prior to travelling, not only did they personalise the email but they knew exactly the journey I was going on, provided my seat number, provided a weather forecast for my destination and also gave me a voucher to use in the online shop. I felt like extra value had been added to my tickets and it certainly confirmed their brand values which I resonated with. The result being I would certainly use the brand again and pass on the recommendation.

2. Shifting from brand to brand experience
Consumers don’t just want a nice shiny brand to buy their goods from they want an experience across any channel they come into contact with the brand on, whether it be in store, emails or social media. Immersive positive customer experiences will be promoted by brands as they look to boost interaction with their customer.

3. Humanising
Brands have conventionally been a set of values which are represented, but consumers are increasingly turned off by the idea of a faceless company that doesn’t have any humanity about it. Brands are looking internally towards their staff to bring out a more personable feel.

Consumers want to feel emotionally connected to a brand and it’s often the staff at the heart of a brand who are best suited to eke out an invaluable, authentic connection.Consumers want to know who they are dealing with and trust needs to be established and built upon for working relationships to flourish.

4. More content
Content will continue to grow however it is set to shift away from industry news and to more of a branded focus. Consumers want to know more about behind the scenes, the human impact and the voice that ties all these elements together to create a brand.

Brands will begin to move away from general industry pieces, adding more variation and opinion from the people who matter within the brand.

Which brand trend will you aim to implement this year?

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