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Fresh Restaurant Food App Takes off at Airports

Inflight meals have always carried a poor reputation with complaints of lacklustre quality, flavour and taste, leaving many passengers with a bitter taste of the overall experience.

AirGrub have created an inventive solution in the form of an app that allows you to pre order from restaurants nearby the airport so that it’s ready for you to pick up and take on board your flight.


To benefit from the service customers can download the free app and enter their travel details, including airport and airline and what time they want to pick up their order. Then a list of nearby restaurants pops up. The user can then browse the menus, place an order and pay for their meal all within the app. Users simply show their boarding pass at the restaurant and collect their order before getting on the plane.

The meals are priced at the usual rate and the start-up takes a percentage off the total bill in exchange for sending customers towards their partner eateries.

At the moment AirGrub is only available in San Francisco, Boston and New York airports but is likely to expand to other cities including Los Angeles soon and hopefully they will reach the UK soon! So for now at least it looks like some air passengers are beginning to get more of a choice when it comes to inflight meals without waiting times and delays.

Could a similar service be offered at other busy terminals such as train/bus stations? Watch this space.

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