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Food Trends: Bringing the Restaurant into the Home

Influencing and inspiring consumers, restaurant dining trends are being welcomed into the home and emulated by aspiring amateur chefs. A foodie way of life has been engrained into popular culture with the rise of TV shows such as Masterchef and Great British Bake Off. Taking inspiration from TV chefs and restaurant trends, everyone is becoming a restaurateur- eating out but in, turning ordinary dining into extraordinary experiences.

Here are the trends that have sizzled in the restaurant industry and continue to cook up a storm in the homes of amateur chefs:

Social sharing with small plates

small plates for sharing

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The industry trend of many small plates shared between friends is inspiring dining within the home. Looking beyond tapas, diners are looking to try small plates from around the world such as Vietnamese and Thai inspired dishes which also channel the popular street food trend.

Occasion tableware for everyday

Smart phone tableware


Home diners are seeking mealtimes to become more of a sense of occasion and retailers have started to reflect the trend. Taking inspiration from the consumer ‘Bring Plates Back’ campaign, tableware is getting a makeover, no more slates or chopping boards but simple yet effective tableware which even caters for the smartphone with a stitched pocket into place mats.

Consumers have campaigned to ‘Bring Back Plates’ for food service and that’s certainly reflected in this trend, will ban the smartphone at dinner be the next trend?

Customise your kitchen

Customising kitchen


Customising kitchens with quirky details to inspire more creativity within dishes. With the rise of exotic flavours, herbs, spices and marinades can be customised with a variety of jars, bottles and canisters sporting handmade tags or stickers.

House warming trend


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This trend is all about entertaining whether it’s kid’s parties or dinner parties, food is linked with a special occasion which allows budding chefs to push the boat out offering warming home comforts that cannot be bought in a restaurant.

Art of preservation



Bitter tastes, pickling, fermentation are all big trends this year in the restaurant industry and are leading to many of creating our own at home. Making chef style accompaniments in advance mean that home cooked dishes can be given dash of finesse with no fuss.

Grow your own

ugly veg

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In the spirit of supporting sustainable locally grown produce, many people are choosing to make their food even more local by growing their own produce. The utilisation of ‘ugly’ veg in recipes has also garnered attention in the food industry, highlighting our wasteful attitude to less than perfect fruit and veg.

Alongside garden growing, microbreweries and distilleries are popping up across the country offering local and diverse alternatives to the mainstream.

Why should the restaurant industry take note?

It’s important for the restaurant industry to pick up on the food trends being cooked up in the home of the consumer as it is ultimately consumer tastes and preferences that go on to shape and mould the restaurant industry.

While restaurant trends come and go, celebrating simple pleasures of cooking a meal and sharing it with friends is a foodie trend that will never have an expiry date.

What foodie trend do you cook up at home?


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