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#CreateUK: Our Work in the Spotlight


#CreateUK is a government backed initiative which is all about celebrating the phenomenal success of the UK Creative Industries in a week long digital event- Monday 29 June to Friday 3 July. In the spirit of the week we have selected one of our recent creative design projects to showcase:

‘Desserts through the Decades’ 20 Page Brochure

Premier Foodservice were looking for brochure design that could convey a nostalgic look back through the decades of their brands.

*Click on the image above to view in more detail

Combining retro adverts with a modern twist created a vintage look, uniting the past and present day.

Eight costed recipes inspired by the nation’s favourite desserts were showcased throughout the design alongside snippets of insight into each brand’s history.

The timeline feature reiterated the resilience and longevity of the Premier Foodservice family of brands throughout the 20th century, including McDougalls, Ambrosia, Birds and Angel Delight.

Designed to evoke memories of childhood through the vintage adverts, the brochure takes readers on a reflective journey back through the years, whilst setting a precedent for many more decades of success.

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