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Mobilegeddon is coming. Are you ready?


Google has recently announced that it will be including mobile friendly usability factors and apps in the indexing process.

The date April 21st 2015 has been dubbed ‘mobilegeddon’ for fears that non-mobile friendly websites will disappear from Google rankings.

Whilst the algorithm change may not be as dramatic as it has been made out, a member of Google’s Webmaster Trends team, Zineb Ait Bahajji, was quoted at SMX Munich as saying that the new mobile-friendly algorithm change will have more of an impact on search rankings than either Panda or Penguin, two of the largest and most impactful search algorithm updates Google has ever launched.

How will it affect my site?

It’s difficult to predict as even if your site is mobile friendly there are over 200 other ranking factors that could impact your website.

What we do know is that there are no degrees of mobile friendliness- you are either mobile friendly or not. The changes will roll out taking a few days to a week to complete globally.

If you are mobile friendly and have no negative SEO penalties you may see a rise in rankings, likewise if you are not mobile friendly be prepared for a possible drop. The extent of the increase or decrease of visibility will not be known until the roll out has been completed.

How do I know if my site is mobile friendly?

The fastest way to find out whether you are mobile friendly or not is to see if you have the mobile-friendly label in the live mobile search results now. If not, check the mobile-friendly testing tool, which should match the live Google search results, whereas the mobile usability reports in Google Webmaster Tools can be delayed based on crawl time.

With more than 60% of Google searches originating from mobile devices it’s now more important than ever to make sure your website is optimised for mobiles and tablets.

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