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Tasty Food Trends that will Spice up 2015

Authentic Mexican

The Mexican food trend may already be a firm favourite but it continues to heat up the competition amongst chefs. Authentic Mexican flavours are now seen to be the greatest inspiration for the G8 of global chefs, knocking Scandinavian food off the top spot and out into the cold.


The Rise of Tech

Expect mobile devices to feature on the menu with growing number of restaurant and outlets introducing tech to the dining experience. Whether it be mobile ordering, payment, apps or sharing on social media, restaurants will continue to incorporate tech into their strategies. Looks like the foodstagram is here to stay.


‘Ugly’ veg

Proving that true beauty stems from the inside, chefs are using more “ugly” vegetables such as celeriac, parsnips and kohlrabi to produce aesthetically pleasing results. Promoting the use of so called ugly veg also helps to combat food wastage which is anything but pretty. Hybrid vegetables will also be cropping up too, e.g. broccoflower (broccoli crossed with cauliflower)


Fermented Foods

It might not sound the most appetising but the trend of fermented food is set to get bigger from 2015. With the process of fermentation producing beneficial probiotic bacteria, it’s a great way to improve digestive health. Sauerkraut and Japanese kimchi are just a few examples.


Global breakfasts

Ditching the usual cereal and toast, new alternatives are being offered that showcase the breakfast cultures of Vietnam, Australia, Japan, Spain, Mexico and the Middle East.


Bitter Tastes

Bitter greens, chocolate, coffee, vegetables, and oranges- the bitter the better.

bitter greens

Secret Dishes

Restaurants tempt diners to give into their curiosity and try something new with secret or off menu dishes across all dining tiers.

secret food

Kids Menu Makeover

Less chicken nuggets and chips and more foodie flavours and brimming with nutritional value.

kids meal

Eating Out but In

More consumers are looking to recreate restaurant classics in their own home. This will see an increase in restaurant home delivery services, providing restaurant take outs and meal kits for easy same day home delivery and cooking. Branded meal delivery services from Google, Amazon and other start-ups may be the next big challenge for restaurants.

dining out at home

Which of these trends will you be trying this year?

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