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12 Ways To Enhance Twitter Engagement


Social media can be an invaluable platform to promote your brand, create a following and engage with potential clients and customers.

Make sure that you are maximising the potential of Twitter to engage audiences by following these top tips.

1) Use fewer than 110 characters

Research has shown that shorter tweets with around 110 characters get 17% higher engagement. When you leave characters free in your tweet, it makes it easier for people to retweet you and add their own commentary, resulting in more impressions. It also allows space for images to be added to increase the visual appeal of the tweet.

2) Post when your audience is most active

It may sound like common sense, but posting when your target audience is most likely to be active on Twitter increases the chance of your tweets being seen. Due to the extremely fast pace at which content moves through the Twitter timeline,  even accounts with a good following will miss out on reaching a significant proportion of their audience if posting times are not considered.

Use analytics tools such as the free site, Tweriod, for insight into the best posting times for your account. Even social media scheduling tools, such as Buffer (which can be synced to your Tweriod account), can be useful as they have the ability to analyse when engagement is highest and offer specific posting times accordingly.

3) Include images and videos

Tweets often gain a higher margin of engagement when high quality images are included.  Keep images clean and free from too much text; as a guide, use a ratio of 70/30 (images/text).


4) Be authentic 

Authenticity on social media is extremely important for your brand as it will play a huge role in how well you are received by your followers. Being genuine, ‘human’ and showing some personality builds trust with your audiences, which is invaluable. Rather than being sales-orientated and robotic, aim to be sincere, personal and conversational.

5) Use hashtags

Appropriate hashtags can double your engagement rate due to the significant increase in impressions it it likely to have. Topical hashtags are also useful to expose your tweet to large audiences and allow your company to interact with the most current and viral topics.

But don’t go #hashtag crazy! Limit the use of hashtags to 1 or 2 per post to remain relevant and make your tweets more concise.

6) Increase volume of tweets per day

The ideal amount of tweets per day will vary between companies. Experiment with frequency to find out what works for you, but make sure that you are consistent. As a rule, aim to tweet at least once per day to ensure your company looks active; but the more tweets the more exposure and an increased likelihood of engagement. However, just remember that there is a fine line between looking active, and bombarding (and annoying!) your followers.

There are a number of social media tools available to schedule tweets, such as Buffer and Hootsuite. Work from a content planner and schedule tweets at least 2 weeks in advance so that this doesn’t interfere with your day.

7) Include a strong call to action

Whether this is asking followers to retweet, as previously mentioned, or ‘click the link’, ‘shop now’, etc, using a strong call to action can significantly increase engagement. Rather than followers passively consuming a tweet, they are instructed to interact with your company.

8) Ask for retweets

It is sometimes useful to ask your followers to retweet a certain post. If you do, make sure that you use the full word rather than ‘RT’. A recent figure showed that engagement rate of the word ‘retweet’ is 23 times higher than that of ‘RT’.

However, don’t overuse this tactic – aim for about once a month or at the launch of a key campaign.

9) Research your followers

Audience research is important to gain insight into appropriate and relevant content matter. It’s all well and good posting regular content, but if this isn’t what your audience wants to see then your post is simply going to get lost somewhere down their timeline.

10) Measure performance of your tweets

All marketing strategies need to be measured to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Use analytics tools to see which tweets performed well and which didn’t generate as much engagement.

Tweak and refine the times that you tweet, the images you’re using and the copy. Testing in this way is useful to see what content and what tone of voice results in more engagement – don’t be afraid to show a little personality!

11) Trial promoted posts 

Retweet posts that have performed well in the past to try and engage new followers. Depending on budget, you could also benefit from trialling small boosted engagement campaigns. This allows you to promote your best content to targeted groups on Twitter, at the right time, to help expose your brand to more audiences and in turn increase engagement and gain new followers.

12) Choose a day of the week to rely on

It’s a good tip to choose one day of the week, and perhaps even a specific time that day for your followers to rely on to access new content. For instance, only share blog posts at 10am on a Thursday, or encourage something similar to #SEMrushchat which occurs every Wednesday at 4pm GMT, to facilitate conversation centred around your brand.


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