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Can someone tell me when International Men’s Day is?…Richard Herring can

As many of us know today is International Women’s Day, which to quote directly from their website is:-

“A global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.” –

Now to most of us it seems perfectly acceptable to have 1 day a year to highlight the achievements of women and the issues they still face in terms of gender equality.

However many men (and women today it seems!) turn to Twitter on this day each year to ask the question:
“When is International Men’s Day?”

Well one man has taken it upon himself to answer the call of Twitter!

For the past few years on International Women’s Day Comedian Richard Herring has answered every Tweet asking when International Men’s Day is mostly with the simple response of ‘November 19th’.

Richard Herring Tweet

Richard Herring Tweet 2


Richard has been a long time user of digital media for his work which includes several podcasts. His Leicester Square Theatre podcast won the Chortle Internet Award 3 years in a row and was also nominated for the Sony Radio Awards in 2013.

Now on top of all that this may seem like an unnecessary extra burden to take on, but for a man who grew a Hitler moustache in order to claim it back for comedy (Charlie Chaplin had it first) and released a podcast of him playing snooker against himself this is a whole Fist of Fun!

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