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Are you ready for Google’s move to mobile-first indexing?

Google are at it again! They have changed how they display search results and it could have a major impact on your business. If you are currently using your website to gain customers and drive leads then you need to make sure your site is ready.


Google has announced that it will primarily be using content from your mobile site to rank your website in the search results, rather than your desktop, even when searching on a desktop. This is a shift from the pervious method which analysed content on your desktop site for ranking purposes.

The change hasn’t come as a surprise, as mobile search share is now up to at least 55% and has been for quite some time. So, from a user experience perspective, prioritising mobile sites in the search rankings makes sense – even if it does sound daunting or confusing for your business!


Businesses that already have a fully responsive site (more on this later…) will benefit from the change the most, as the content that Google uses to rank sites is already available on mobile, so essentially nothing will change. Also, if your competitors’ sites aren’t responsive, it is likely to push their site further down the list, whilst boosting yours higher.

Those that currently have a lighter version of their desktop site for mobile or two different versions completely are the ones who are due to suffer from the transition. This is because key content and pages used to rank the website may be stripped out on the mobile version, resulting in that content potentially going unseen by your audiences. If this content is used to drive leads, then this could be detrimental.

So what does this mean from a commercial viewpoint? Important content unavailable on your mobile site means Google can’t use that content to rank your site. A lower Google search ranking will inevitably lead to considerably less website traffic. Less website traffic is likely to result in fewer leads, and essentially, fewer sales.

Can your business afford the risk?

If Google is prioritising mobile content, it would be in your business’ best interests to do the same.


Google has already started testing the new model, so it is therefore time for your business to adapt before the change is fully implemented. In fact, this could be seen as an opportunity to analyse your current website, on both mobile and desktop, and take steps to actively improve the effectiveness of your site when it comes to search engine optimisation.

Provoke is offering you a free audit of your current site – details can be found below.


So what is a fully responsive site? This is when your full desktop website works across all devices such as mobiles and tablets, and with fluidity so that it always fits the screen perfectly. The content stays exactly the same across all devices and desktop.

A fully responsive site is cost effective. Being compatible across platforms can cut development time drastically compared to those who are currently maintaining multiple sites for each device. Not to mention the burden of tracking metrics such as site visits, best performing pages and conversion rates on multiple sites rather than one.

However, if you want to make your responsive site a great responsive site, one that delivers a superior customer experience that’s relevant to your audience, then user experience intelligence must be applied to the layout, navigation and customer journey.

By applying a well-thought out content architecture and navigation to your mobile experience you can ensure it is just as effective as the desktop experience and ultimately delivers against its objectives and maximises on your investment.

If your website is inconsistent or confusing then it’s time to start investing some time into exploring your site analytics and revisit your core objectives, understanding your audience’s needs and mapping out an intuitive mobile and desktop journey.


All seem quite daunting or confusing? At Provoke we’re experts in web design and development, and can help you develop an optimised mobile site to ensure that Google’s change will benefit your business.

We explore the detail to understand the whole, to seek out the little things that make a big difference and to deliver you considered user-centric design and well thought out digital solutions.

Contact Provoke today for a free audit of your current site, and receive a concise road map on how to prepare for Google’s change and maximise the opportunity to help your site reach its full potential.

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