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Has Clean Eating Had Its Day?

It seems that some of us have had enough of having clean eating, paleo diets, juicing and endless greenery forced upon us on social media. Superfoods and healthy eating are becoming less appetising by the minute as a new trend emerges that champions ‘normal’ food.

Clean Eating

The ‘Normavore’

So what exactly constitutes as ‘normal’? Judging by the emergence of the ‘normavore’ on social media feeds, normal food is the simple, everyday basics that are often overlooked. Examples include the humble crisp sandwich, cereal instead of avocado for breakfast and childhood classics such as the potato smiles and alphabet spaghetti on toast.

As the trend grows, established clean eating Instagram accounts have started to become parodied by other social media figures. Deliciously Ella for example who has found fame through healthy eating posts on Instagram has been satirised by Deliciously Stella who posts light-hearted images of ‘normal’ food, whilst mocking the increasingly image conscious world social media promotes.

Further campaigns that champion the ‘normal’ and everyday foods have also affected the restaurant industry with the popular ‘We Want Plates’ campaign asking for food just to be served on regular plates. Tired of being presented with starters in a mini wheelbarrow, cocktails in watering cans or and mains on clichéd slates and chopping boards, the campaign just asks for humble plates and tableware to be celebrated once again. Is that too much to ask?


Moving even further away from the green, clean eating psyche, the snackwave movement embraces grease laden, microwaveable, fast food convenience. From one extreme to another pizzas, burgers, fast food have swung over to the realm of quirkiness leaving kale and goji berries as dull as dishwater.

Sugar and carbs are no longer the enemy as far as the snackwave is concerned. Trends such as #GirlsWithGluten show that certain food groups should not be demonised and that carb and sugar filled treats can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet.

The snackwave trend may sound worrying at first as it can be seen as promoting of unhealthy foods, however balancing this along the strict clean eating trend reminds us to look at food with a balanced view rather than a rigid perspective. As the old saying goes, everything in moderation.

Switching meal times

Just to add another variation to the extremes of the foodie spectrum, meal timings are now being turned on their head.

Trends such as #BreakfastForDinner a.k.a #Brinner are now picking up popularity with restaurants such as The Breakfast Club and the Cereal Killer Café feeding the growing trend.

With the modern take on the All Day Breakfast, the retro childhood teatime favourites and unassuming everyday food are we just becoming nostalgic of what food was to us in the past? Before the days of faddy food trends, just simple, honest food?

Focusing in on all that nostalgia, could it be said we are all ‘normavores’ at heart?

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