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The Role of Instagram in the Hotel Industry


We’ve already seen how restaurants have been luring in customers with enticing foodstagrams and #FoodPorn temptation- now it’s the turn of the hotel industry to up their game, reach new audiences and win more business.

Visual storytelling

More and more hotels are recognising the positive benefits of Instagram, building their brand whilst also giving customers a unique insight into the business.

Visuals of food served, chefs prepping, impressive rooms, gorgeous grounds and the surrounding area of a hotel all paint a picture of the ideal guest experience. Through building a unique story of pictures on Instagram, customers more likely to connect with a brand and therefore more likely to visit and recommend to family and friends.

Hotels can intertwine their own story with the user’s story, asking them to share their best memory/breakfast/dinner/photo of their visit on Instagram, tagging it with a dedicated hashtag which links the customer and brand further. This also provides an ideal opportunity to win more custom. Using photos as visual aids hotels can make news announcements, promote offers and emphasise luxury which all subtly persuades customers to give into their aspirational travel dreams.

A good example of this is the Four Seasons instagram account. It offers users an immersive experience, inclusive of all the elements linked to hotels and travel, including food and drink and stunning locations. (Warning if you do look at the account you will want to go on holiday). The images compel the user to book their next trip and effortlessly bring paradise into a reality, at least for those with sufficient funds!

By making clever uses of both hashtags and mentioning Instagram influences, alongside effective photography the essence of the hotel and its brand can be diffused aesthetically around Instagram, rather than pushed or forced onto customers. Re-gramming favourite guest photos, shows the hotel cares about the guest journey, continuing to connect with customers even once they have left.

Customers to become ambassadors

Once the customer has invested an emotional connection with the brand of hotel, the more likely they are to become brand advocates for that particular hotel. Not only will the customer have their Instagram photos to remind them of their great experience, the pictures also act as a reminder to their followers to try the hotel themselves or spread the positive word of how good the hotel looks. The lasting Instagram photo on a user’s account act as a positive recommendation for the hotel and connects brand and consumer’s stories digitally for all to see.

Social platforms to reflect every part of the guest journey

Going back to the start of the guest journey, Instagram and other forms of social media are available to aid the customer in every process of the trip from destination inspiration, research, booking, throughout the trip and finally of a memento of their experience.

Each time a guest uploads a photo, tags the hotel location and uses hashtags in relation to the hotel, more opportunities are scattered around social media which helps hotels connect with even more people.

The relationship between travel and photography is nothing new, yet Instagram updates this connection to the digital age. The continued benefits of Instagram to the travel and hospitality industry show that hotels should be inviting Instagram into their hotel and treating it as a guest the whole year round!

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