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Food Matters Live 2016 Highlights (with event video)


On Tuesday we headed down to the ExCel in London to the annual Food Matters Live show. Provoke’s Managing Director, Daren, chaired the Marketing Matters seminar focusing on the significance of content marketing in the food and drink industry, and, admittedly, we weren’t complaining about having the opportunity to taste all of the delicious food on offer throughout the day either!

As we entered the conference centre we were greeted with hundreds of innovate, thought-provoking and undeniably delicious exhibitors from the food and drink industry, keen to get their industry leading research and unique products recognised.

Between each sample of raw vegan brownie, edible flowers and algae smoothies, I managed to capture some footage throughout the day – watch the video below!

Here are our thoughts on the hottest topics in the food and drink industry this year, show highlights, and a video of Tuesday at the Food Matters Live Show 2016!


At 1pm it was time to take ourselves away from the hustle and bustle of the conference centre and head to a packed-out seminar room, full of visitors who were all eager to learn how to make the most of the opportunity to boost profit through creative, engaging content.

Food Matters Live showcased the amount of new products being introduced to the market and the tough competition within the health food sector, so it’s essential for these brands to make sure that they are being noticed by the right people. That means knowing your audience, identifying how to reach them, and knowing the messages that will resonate with them.

Don’t worry if you missed the presentation! We’d love to send you a copy, and you can even request the full video that I captured of the seminar! Just email and we’ll send it your way.


Common themes were prevalent throughout the day, such as a focus on all natural ingredients, vegan products, low sugar & salt, tackling obesity, research in ‘free-from’ solutions to facilitate allergy prevention, and innovation in sports nutrition.

This offers refreshing evidence to support the current shift towards an increasingly health conscious, label-checking society.

All natural ingredients were evident in products from vegan chocolate and chickpea snack bars, to sports nutrition protein blends that enhance performance.

Michelle Berriedale-Johnson presented her insights into how the ‘free-from’ industry can benefit those with food intolerances, ranging from those who feel may feel uncomfortable after eating a certain food, to those who may be hospitalised for weeks. It was therefore fantastic to see a range of products such as gluten-free bread and dairy-free ice cream throughout the day, ensuring people are still able to enjoy their favourite foods without compromising on flavour!

It’s clear that tackling obesity is becoming increasingly higher on the public health agenda. Talks from Duncan Selbie (Public Health England), Professor Paul Gately (Leeds Beckett University) and Richard Sangster (Department of Health) showcased research into ways to tackle obesity, focusing on all age groups from children through to the ageing population.

All in all, the conversations we had with exhibitors throughout the day left us feeling inspired and definitely offered food for thought (and of course, food for consumption too!)


With so many unique, innovative and undeniably delicious product exhibitors in the 14,000m² Excel conference centre, it’s difficult to pick our favourites.

However, presenting to a packed out seminar room of visitors keen to learn more about how content marketing and story telling is beneficial for those in the food and drink industry was inspiring.

And, well, if you haven’t tried mealworm and cricket bolognese yet… you’re missing out!

To get your copy of Daren’s Marketing Matters presentation and/or the video, email or give us a call on 0333 123 0999.

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